June 1, 2012

Direct Action Mobilization Against Mountaintop Removal

Photo from Mountain Justice and RAMPS action after Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp. They stopped 9 coal trucks and a coal barge (Photo originally posted here)

From RAMPS Campaign in Southern West Virginia

From the RAMPS Call to Action:

At PowerShift 2011, currently imprisoned activist Tim DeChristopher pointed out, “With only the people in this room, we could send 30 people onto a mountaintop removal site, shut it down temporarily, start to clog up the West Virginia court system. And we could send 30 people the day after that and the day after that and the day after that every day for a year. I believe we would never get to the end of that year because mountaintop removal would end before we reached that point.”

This summer we will take the first step toward that vision. Come to southern West Virginia on July 25. RAMPS will host a mobilization where people will prepare to take nonviolent direct action to shut down a strip mine. We are calling for as many people as possible to come together and do what the politicians, the regulators and the courts have been unwilling to do; to defend the land and the people; to stop strip mining.

The success of this depends on your participation. Whatever your skills, availability, or ability to risk arrest, there are ways for you to make this mobilization a success. To join ongoing working groups or find out more about ways to participate, please email officespace@wg.rampscampaign.org. We also deeply need your financial support. Please donate today so RAMPS can continue its vital work. Most importantly, spread the word.

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