September 22, 2017

Update on Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya, DAPL saboteurs

Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya are two activists who recently admitted to sabotaging the Dakota Access Pipeline in spring 2017, delaying construction for weeks if not months. Read more about the story here, or listen to DGR members Jennifer Murnan and Max Wilbert interview the two women here.

This video documents a public event held in Des Moines, Iowa in late August, at which Jessica and Ruby spoke in detail about their actions, motivations, and the case for sabotage:

We also recommend reading this recent op-ed in the Des Moines Register, titled "Does property destruction advance progressive social change?"


"I was recently invited along with a group of social change activists to attend a private gathering at the Des Moines Catholic Worker Berrigan House with two young women — Jessica Reznicek, 36, and Ruby Montoya, 27.

The purpose was to discuss how progressive folks think about the actions they both admitted to along the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). I had previously met Jessica when she and a friend were camped out in front of the Iowa Utilities Board last winter on a prolonged fast to protest the IUB's approval of the pipeline through Iowa. I had brought her hand warmers and we spoke briefly. In deciding to accept the invitation, I had concerns and wanted to hear what these two women and others had to say about tactics that go beyond more common civil disobedience associated with successful movements for voting, civil rights and for peace in Vietnam. 

Jessica wrote me and others in the invite:

'As many of you know, Ruby Montoya and I have engaged for the past year in various forms of what we believe to be peaceful resistance against the Dakota Access pipeline. In July, Ruby and I claimed responsibility for having undergone an 8-month-long property destruction campaign against DAPL infrastructure in an effort to halt construction.

'It has not gone unnoticed that our friends in the peace and justice communities of Iowa have been somewhat slow to publicly support our activities. In fact, most of our allies have remained completely silent, although many have reached out and support us personally.'"

Read the full piece: