DGR Workshop Children

The layout of Woolman Hill doesn't include a separate space for young children to be children without interrupting and overhearing the adults. You may ask why we aren't renting a more child-friendly facility. The answer is money. If somebody wants to donate the money, we're happy to move the event to a facility with lots more room.

Since that's unlikely to happen, here are our guidelines.

Infants are fine.

Young children who need watching are best left home.

Older children could potentially come. They would have to play outside (and there's hours of trails out there) or stay in the upstairs sleeping area. Please ask yourself honestly if your children are mature enough to be self-sufficient and respectful of adult-only space. We will be having serious discussions that are not appropriate for children. We don't want kids coming and going in the main meeting room during discussion hours. It's your call whether your kids are independent enough to make this work.

Teenagers who want to come as participants are very welcome to join us.

If this doesn't work for you, please email us. We can try to think of other ways to make it happen. We want everyone to be able to come.

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