DGR Workshop Community Norms

1. Violent, abusive, or threatening behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in such behaviour will be asked to leave.

2. This event is chem-free. No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed. Please refrain from wearing or using scented products to help make this event accessible to people with chemical sensitivites.

3. We ask everyone to be conscious of the social privilege and power that you have; the ways that privilege effects your behaviour; and to be open to learning without defensiveness. We all start somewhere but we need to move on from that somewhere.

4. What we have in common (a deep knowledge that our planet is being killed; a passion to stop that destruction) is more important than our differences. We may disagree on a range of specific issues (children, food, nonviolence...) and those disagreements may be painful. But we ask that participants disagree in ways that are respectful, civil, and kind.

5. Everyone able-bodied is expected to help with the work of this gathering, which is mostly cooking and dishes. (If you have a disability or illness, you're excused.) Please remember that life-maintenance tasks don't happen magically and there are no House Elves on staff.

We'd love to have extra bodies before the event to help prepare. If you can come early, email us!

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