DGR Workshop Food and Menus

Food can be like religion in how it creates both fundamentalists and conflicts between people. It's deeply personal--what we eat enters us permanently, becomes the substance of our bodies. It's no wonder that cultures and individuals develop deep taboos over food.

We want everyone who comes to DGR to be fed. We also don't want to have any bad fights over food politics. We all make decisions about food that match our values to the best of our abilities. This is an issue where participants will need to try really hard at making our community norms work.

We start with different information, different genetic and cultural backgrounds, and different health concerns. Any discussion about food politics at DGR must embrace an understanding of those differences. Dialogue with an open attitude is encouraged; self-righteousness and proselytizing are not. People of conscience will disagree at times, but those disagreements can be civil, calm and respectful even when they are painful. The goal of our interactions should be to remain connected while communicating. If you can't approach this subject with an attitude of openness, then it may be best to refrain.

We're posting our menus so everyone can see what we've got planned. Our guiding political themes are local/sustainable/humane. Nutritionally, we're loosely following the principles of native nutrition/Weston Price. All meals will include a vegetarian option. Friday night's meal is appropriate for vegans as well, as we know everyone will be tired after traveling.

If this food doesn't work for you, don't be discouraged. If your concerns involve minor changes (lactose intolerance, a specific food allergy) please let us know and we will try to work around it.

If your dietary preferences are deeply at odds with this menus (for instance, if you're a vegan), we will make room for you in the kitchen to prepare your own meals. We need you to be in touch with us so we can schedule you in. We want you to come, to feel welcome, and to be fed. No one is going to argue with you or treat you disrespectfully--promise! But please let us know so we can make kitchen time happen for you. Finally, we aren't interested in receiving emails from strangers who want to tell us what to eat and why we have it all wrong. Please remember that we have similar values, though we may have come to different conclusions. The organizers of DGR have been passionately involved in sustainability and food politics for years as activists and as small farmers. We eat the way we do for a reason. We will delete all hate mail without responding, so don't bother.


All animal products (eggs, beef, bacon and dairy) are pasture-fed and building topsoil on local small farms. As much of the produce as possible will be locally sourced. Local maple syrup is used as the sweetener throughout.


Beef-leek chili
Bean chili (vegan)
Corn bread
Salad (or some other vegetable, dependent on availability)
Apple or pear crisp, whipped cream


cheddar cheese homefries

fish chowder (sustainable-harvest fish)
veggie/vegan soup
beef barbeque
hard-boiled eggs, cheese
steamed kale
sourdough bread

pizza, both meat and veggie
fried dough w/maple cream


Latvian pancakes
Belgian waffles


Snacks available all day, including fruit, cheese, nuts, bread, leftovers.

And if you're all very lucky, Lierre will make chocolate truffles.

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