July 3, 2014

Skills for Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Skills for Solidarity is a free online program to help the non-Indigenous better understand the issues facing Indigenous Peoples of Canada, hopefully leading to more effective campaigns for environmental and social justice activists. This is crucial work for non-Indigenous Peoples and highly recommended. Although oriented towards Canadians, anyone can view the Module videos and download the accompanying workbooks. This crucial educational work is highly recommend for all members of settler culture.

Skills for Solidarity will provide an introductory overview to our nations’ shared history.

Our hope is that those who participate in the program will leave with a better understanding of how they are connected to and responsible for renewing the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous Peoples, and a toolkit to help us continue exploring effective ways of working together. While we will not walk away knowing everything about our nations’ histories, we will hopefully be better equipped to ask questions about how to engage in solidarity work in a meaningful, authentic and effective way.

Visit Skills for Solidarity to watch the videos.

Also take a look at our Deep Green Resistance Indigenous Solidarity Guidelines.

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