August 11, 2014

Stephanie McMillan: Art Is a Weapon in the Battle of Ideas

Grassroots organizer Stephanie McMillan does important anti-capitalism work with One Struggle, and uses political cartoons as one vehicle towards social and environmental justice. You can watch a video of her from a recent event, in which she presents a very general overview and polemic about political art, the relationship of culture and politics, and the need for explicitly revolutionary art as a vital component of a revolutionary movement.

How does culture advance political aims? How do we use our art to challenge capitalism/imperialism? Why does the bourgeoisie love abstract expressionism?

These were some of the questions I addressed a couple weeks ago at a One Struggle event in Fort Lauderdale, in a slideshow presentation called "Art is a Weapon in the Battle of Ideas."

Also see Stephanie McMillan's upcoming events, including a presentation in Florida, conference calls, and this year's Earth At Risk in San Francisco.

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