November 5, 2014

River's Song: A Poem

Calliope Braintree is the protagonist of two novels by Anne Pyterek, whose work explores rape culture from both the personal and planetary perspective. The poem River's Song was "written" by Calliope as a tribute to the Chicago River, poisoned and channeled by industrial humans but still living a life of her own.

I am the Atoms and the Space in between, the Unmanifested heard, felt, smelt, tasted and seen I am Anger and Forgiveness all in one stream. For I am the Source,

I am the Dream... I am the scent of holy things, the sound of shadowy, unseen wings... ominous... foretelling black endarkenings. I flow slowly, ever to the Sea.

I am Wildness, Authenticity.

Download the whole 40-page narrative poem for free: River's Song: A Poem.

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