March 17, 2015

"All These Days I" by Jamie Little and the filthy politicians

the filthy politicians, with Jamie Little, make a musical (and succinctly logical) argument for forcibly stopping the insane dominant culture, which is akin to an axe murderer frantically killing everything within reach. They reiterate a point often made by Deep Green Resistance: we need it all in this fight - propagandists and fighters, books and bullets. And those fighters on the front lines depend on supplies from a support base. There's a place for everyone in this culture of resistance, so find yours before it's too late for life.

Listen to this track and read the lyrics below, and hear more songs at the filthy politicians on bandcamp and at the filthy politicians on soundcloud.

all the days i threw away
it's obvious i just don't trust what comes my way
all the days i walked away
i never realized what controls my mind to be

check it - for every day i just threw away
now i'm grown up or so they say
all this bullshit comin my way
but i'm told this is life - til i'm old i should stay
in line like a rollerblade
but fuck that this life ain't an arcade
do you think it's a game to the slave who made
your i phone, blue jeans, or your microwave? no
no, and yo it's not your fault
but we're livin in the midst of a heist from the vault
nothin is sacred - for riches they'll rape it
take a look around before the forest is pavement
tell me where the ice caps, whales, and their ways went
why i should give a fuck about outer space when
runnin away ain't the answer
we can't escape it - we need to stop the cancer
stop creatin and makin poison
stop feedin it to all the little girls and boys and
stop burning oil, stop all this toil, stop bein loyal
to the same system that destroyed the soil
to the way of life that made this pot boil
your privilege is faced with a choice to continue
keep on keepin on or do you have it in you?
to reject all their bribery
it's not for the poor it's for you an me so
we gotta re-imagine - we gotta fight back
and not stop until we've stopped their attack
it's not abstract - it's as clear as day
there's an axe murderer and he's swingin away
but with so much already gone we've got used to livin this way
but all we've ever seen is proof
that this shit won't stop anytime soon
if we don't act now then we seal our fate
if they have their way it's gonna be too late so
go do what you gotta do
get a bullet or a book or a breath or a clue
this depends on me, it depends on you
life is the front line - sad but true
we don't all have to fight
but for supplies in the night, can we depend on you?

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