January 5, 2016

My 49¢ worth of frustration

Contributed by Ishmael, a Deep Green Resistance supporter

Mr. President,

You have been a disappointment. I voted for you, twice. You have had seven years to "get it right," and yet the United States still initiates new military operations in the Middle East, supplies arms and munitions to our allies regardless of their human rights record, equivocated at COP21 on a binding agreement to stave off environmental apocalypse, and you just signed the bill to allow export of domestic oil abroad. Why didn't you veto it?

I resent what is being done in my name on my dime, as do many taxpayers. Is your chief concern ensuring first that Amerikan corporate tentacles reach every corner of the globe, and if in the process the world is made safe for democracy that will be the icing on the cake? God forbid that there should be one sovereign nation unwilling to wrap itself in the stars and stripes.

Your joking with aides about being "good at killing" (true: you make GWB look like a piker) and publicly warning your daughters' heart-throbs that you can authorize a drone strike anytime anywhere ("You'll never see it coming, boys.”) are obscene hubris.

By the way, thanks for just saying "No" to KXL. Maybe the Down Elevator will stop at Purgatory and let you off.

Like Ishmael, Deep Green Resistance members have come to realize that those in power do not serve the people. The only way to achieve real change is by organizing and applying force - whether political, or economic, or more direct. To get involved, browse these options on our website:

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