October 11, 2016

Statement on T.R. McKenzie, Probable Pedophile

We learned yesterday that T.R. McKenzie, a former Deep Green Resistance member, is being accused of serious crimes, including serial sexual abuse of children on the Pine Ridge reservation. These claims have been corroborated from several sources.

In 2013, DGR severed its relationship with TR McKenzie on very bad terms. He caused a great deal of trouble within our organization, specifically with regards to his treatment of women comrades. We were glad to see him go. After his departure we were notified by others that he continued to cause serious trouble within other organizations after he left.

At the time he left our organization, we knew that his behavior was horrible, but we had no idea that he was, or would be, a sexual abuser. Deep Green Resistance has an absolute zero-tolerance policy for abuse and will stand against any predators being allowed access to the movement or anyone who could be harmed. Our hearts go out to his victims. For more information on T.R. McKenzie, see this statement from early 2014.


  1. Holy #$%$ Batman....."probable pedophile" what a slanderous public statement given no verifiable proof. True,false?????.....

    1. We posted this as multiple credible accounts of T.R.'s abuse came out on Facebook. We didn't want to repost those since we don't have knowledge about those specific incidents, but we did want to share our own experience with him.