July 25, 2018


By Jennifer Murnan and Max Wilbert

“We are the ones who have to say – in words, in actions, in social policy, in law – no men do not own women.  In order to say that, we need political discipline.   We need to take seriously the consequences of sexual abuse to us, to women.  We need to understand what sexual abuse has done to us – why are we so damned hard to organize?  We need to comprehend that sexual abuse has broken us into a million pieces and we carry those pieces bumping and crashing inside; we're broken rock inside chaos; afraid and unsure when not cold and numb.  We're heroes at endurance; but so far cowards at resistance.”

 — Andrea Dworkin, from  Life and Death, Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War Against Women

Thousands of blows
Strict control to enforce behavior
Every punitive act directed at attaining
domination over and subjugation of
physical punishing

Sit straight, don’t talk with your friends, don’t laugh
Don’t have fun
Don’t break the rules
Don’t step out of line

Stay in your lane
Mass media, video games, porn
TV, magazines, apps
Tap here for entertainment, fun, sex
Go to work
Then take your opiates

Click here to save the planet
Easy solutions and reformism
Vote with your dollar
Cast your ballot
Everything will be ok

Thousands of choices
Self control and orderly conduct in constant
service of maintaining relationships
every decision an act of submission to the
greater good of the community of life
Selfless, nurturing

Real talk, no bullshit
Take off the rose-colored glasses
See the empire for what it is
Righteous anger is worthy, but driven by love
Self-control, self-mastery
No compromising on values, can't be bought off
For life

Social Discipline:
Return  Remember Reclaim
Women Centered Communities
Renew Reinstate the circle that cannot be allowed
under patriarchy

Political Discipline:
Keep your head no matter which way the wind blows
Keep your eyes focused on the goal, real tangible your life depends on the success of the hunt
Keep that head perfectly still, completely removed from the vicissitudes of the wind
Let the body anchor and sway,
Feet grasping grass rooted to earth
Body intimately connecting and Head rock steady

“We are the ones who have to say – in words, in actions, in social policy, in law – no men do not own women.  In order to say that, we need political discipline. “

This is an abuse free zone, and we will enforce it.
We are hunting civilization and we will end it.


  1. The toughest part of self-discipline are competing interests.

    My goal this morning was to get the tractor fixed so we could bring in firewood. It's been broken for two days, because the day it broke was a market day — our primary source of income. And yesterday was milk delivery day — can't go delivering milk smelling of diesel. Since then, a half-dozen other priorities have come up, including mediating disputes between members, reassuring a member about a lawsuit against us, and someone's computer not working.

    How can one have discipline in the face of a myriad of changing priorities?

    I try to separate "important" from "immediate." That makes me feel less bad about breaking discipline, but it is still broken discipline.

    Perhaps we can blame civilization. The Kingfisher's hunt is not interrupted by a ringing phone, nor a broken tractor. But we are stuck in it, anyway.

    Sometimes, all the discipline I can muster is to simply live to struggle another day.

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