January 8, 2012

Links Between the FBI and Political Prisoner Correspondence

The FBI is keeping a list and possibly investigating people who write eco-prisoners. This article is a must-read for all radical activists. Arm yourself with the knowledge that those in power will stop at nothing to continue business as usual, and then do everything in your power to stop them. We will not allow the FBI to stop us from writing those who have given so much for the Earth. Don't let them stop you either.

Reposted from North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network:


We are not sharing this information to raise alarm or spread fear. We have every intention of continuing to write political prisoners, and we urge others to do the same. That said, we hope to expose the FBI's politically motivated investigations and, unlike the FBI, we believe people have a right to know when they have been spied on. This kind of government intrusion could cause the “chilling effect” so often thrown about in conversations about 1st amendment activities. But when we give in to those fears, political prisoners are the ones who suffer. And this is exactly what the government wants. The state is constantly trying to expand its reach by gathering information about social movements and those who participate in them. Instead of letting this new information scare us into silence, we should use it to make informed decisions about how we support and prioritize political prisoners. This kind of repression has implications for more than just people involved in “activism.” Millions of people are incarcerated in this country. It is possible that the government uses similar tactics to investigate other communities that they actively repress. Writing our friends, family members and comrades should not be a justified excuse for investigation – no matter who our friends are.

Read whole article here.

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