January 8, 2012

Women Take Legal Action Against UK Police Chiefs Over Emotional Abuse

"Working Together to Traumatize London" would be more appropriate

A standard tactic undercover cops use to get close to radical movements is through intimate relationships.

A quote from the women bringing this case:

"We believe our case highlights institutionalised sexism within the police. It is incredible that if the police want to search someone's house they are required to get the permission of a judge, yet if they want to send in an agent who may live and sleep with activists in their homes, this can happen without any apparent oversight!"

"We are bringing this case because we want to see an end to the sexual and psychological abuse of campaigners and others by undercover police officers. It is unacceptable that state agents can cultivate intimate and long lasting relationships with political activists in order to gain so called intelligence on those political movements."

Read the whole article.

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