January 8, 2012

Letters of Defiance, Justice From G20 Activist Upon Sentencing

On December 20th, 2011, Leah Henderson, one of the protesters accused of conspiracy after events at the G20 meeting in 2010, issued letters to the court and her community after being sentenced to 10 months in prison. Each day activists give up their freedom fighting for a just future. We encourage everyone to show their support. You can find out how to support those already sentenced in the G20 case here.

Banner hung in Montreal showing solidarity with G20 prisoners (Originally posted here)

Excerpt from Leah's statement to the court upon sentencing:

The laws that govern our societies are not laws of community, or laws of consensus, they are laws of oppression. Laws that underpay and overwork mothers. That deport the poor and those of colour. Laws that rob Indigenous Nations of their traditions, their land, their childhoods. Laws that blame the unemployed and rewards those that get rich on their backs.

I have been deeply and profoundly affected by this process, but have not been changed by it. I have been moved by the incredible support that I have received, far beyond what I could have imagined. It has been made more clear to me through this process that this vision for the future is part of a groundswell.

I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported me, thank you to my friends, my family and my lawyer.

I submit to your jails because today you hold many of the weapons, and many people under your spell. A day is coming when that will not be so.

A day is coming where the distorted mirror that hides the lies of capitalism and colonialism will shatter.

Read both letters from Leah Henderson.

Read letter from Deep Green Resistance in solidarity with G20 prisoners.

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